How to Relax in Front of the Camera

WSS News   •   December 10, 2017

It is never easy to take a picture with large studio lighting flashing a few feet away from you. Some are naturally comfortable taking a formal headshot while others have difficulty standing in front of the camera. As a photographer it is our job to make you feel at east and take a great shot that you can use for the foreseeable years to come.

Coming prepared will eliminate all on-site worries and leave you to only focus on proper posing, relaxing during your smile and keeping a professional look overall.

It is noticeable if you are uncomfortable in the shot, so that is the first thing as a photographer we want to eliminate. Once you are comfortable the Corporate Headshots process is a breeze for both parties and the images are far better than a forced shot.

Some other aspects to relax will be to follow the photographers instructions as you will be guided rather than trying to figure your own pose out. It is not your job to make the pose, but the photographers job to position the subject in the way that is most fitting.

All of these aspect combined will leave you with an image that you will be more than happy with and one that comes off portraying your professionalism to potential employers and prospective clients!

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