The Basics for a Great Headshot

WSS News   •   February 7, 2018

The thought of a headshot may be a daunting one for many. The thought of needing to find a photographer, put together a great outfit and look relaxed in front of the camera can lead many to put their headshot off, or never get one in the first place.

As I have spoke about in the past this is a big mistake, everyone needs a great headshot and it is something that shouldn’t be put off. There are several basics to the perfect headshot that I will go over and simplify the process.

The first step is always to find a great photographer (like us!) sourcing a photographer is difficult for many, especially with such a saturated market and many photographers claim to be a professional when they really may just be a hobbyist with some experience in with their at home studio lighting setup. I am not saying to avoid these Headshots Photographers, but certainly proceed with caution. It is always best to analyze the photographers portfolio and ask a lot of questions!

Once you have found your photographer of choice it is now time to pick a date, this date should work best for you. You are hiring the photographer to work on your schedule and that is something our clients love. No matter what the circumstances are, we can be there 6AM on a a Sunday or 11PM on a Thursday. Make it convenient for yourself as you will want to be relaxed for your shoot.

Next, pick the best outfit. Think about it a few days in advance and look at examples of what others are wearing to see how it looks on camera. Even choose a few outfits so you have a couple different options to choose from.

Now, it’s time for your shot. It’s the big day and your ready. After meeting the photographer it’s their job to make you comfortable in front of the camera. They are supposed to relax you and make sure your smile is natural and head is positioned properly with fortified shoulders.

Always make sure the photographer is shooting tethered so you can see how the images are coming out. You are going to want to inspect the images to make sure you are happy with each shot and would feel comfortable displaying that to everyone who finds you online.

You should receive the photos within a day or two and you are all set to use them how you please! Put them wherever you choose as these are good for a while and flaunt your professional photo.

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