Do I Really Need a Business Headshot?

WSS News   •   December 23, 2017

In todays world it is easy to get left behind. When society updates it is important that we update with it! Most of our time is spent on social media, especially the millennial generation. That means sites like Linked IN, Twitter, Facebook, Angel, and all the rest are the primary platforms to gain the first visual impression of someone.

While I don’t believe these platforms are the place to judge people and jump to conclusions. It can make a very big difference to have a Professional Portrait Photography, clean and clear Business Headshots for viewers to see when they first come across your profile.

This way you now know the first impression they will come away with is the fact you took the time to portray yourself in a Professional Portrait Photography and organized manner.

Especially in the finance field, it is easy to overlooked in such a professional and competitive field. You do not want potential employers, co-workers or clients to get the wrong impression about you…as you probably worked incredibly hard just to get to the point you are at.

So in short, I wanted to stress the real reason why everyone should have a great headshot. This is the first impression and we want it to be strong, consider it like a handshake!

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